Who we are

We are a Digital Marketing company, that specialise in the following aspects:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Display Marketing
  • Mobile Display Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Design Work
  • SMS Marketing
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By using our specialities, AVH Digital can provide you with a marketing plan that helps meet your business objectives and return of investment (ROI). Whether it’s acquiring incremental users, increasing loyalty or driving brand awareness we can help.

If you have a product or service that needs promoting and are looking for a performance based strategy, We can work with you to create a great offer, design creative’s and find publishers to promote your product in the way that meets your needs. Our sister site: www.naijaprizes.com

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We offer a full range of performance marketing services which includes: Email, Web and Mobile Display, Social Media, Video, SMS, SEO, Articles Writing and Design (Website, Brochure, Flyers and Logo).

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  • Over 2 million unique visits per month
  • Mobile application (over 2.4 million users)
  • Facebook (over 50,000 fans)
  • Newsletter (over 5.7 million subscribers)
  • Twitter (over 5,000 followers)
  • PR (magazines and press releases)

Our Services

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Web Display - AVH Digital has the knowledge and expertise that provides clients the opportunity to market and advertise their product and services on premium websites all around the world.

Mobile Display - AVH Digital can help market your products and services on Mobile specific websites or on Mobile applications.

Email Marketing - AVH Digital turns the world of traditional email marketing completely on it’s head and have invested heavily in re-inventing the wheel. From hand-coding html for our clients to maximising email deliverability utilising our proprietary email delivery platform, we create strategic email campaigns to help clients build strong, lasting relationships with their customers. AVH Digital owns fully opted B2C & B2B e-mail data in excess of 20 million with details profiles of the data sets, AVH Digital proprietary solutions allow our clients to effectively reach customers anywhere across the web and mobile space.

Further adding to our capabilities is our strategic partnerships with leading email publishers across the globe extending our dynamic optimisation and advanced targeting capabilities to consumers in 27 countries around the world and a total reach of more than 50 million engaging email users that can be diversely targeted, including full demographics, status, behaviour, lifestyle and much more.

Knowing how all our email communications are usually viewed allowing us to deliver mobile optimised and targeted campaigns which enables us to deliver true multichannel and multi-device solutions for our clients.

Lead Generation - We make the leads work for you. AVH Digital can deliver top quality leads for B2B and B2C products and services.

Whether these are for newsletter sign ups, private medical insurance, laser eye surgery or hot air balloon rides, we can target our base to your demographic, enabling the utmost ROI on your campaign. We can deliver leads via email, co-registration paths or call centres: we are as flexible as you need us to be.

Email Solution - AVH Digital uses one of the leading Email Service Provider’s to offer our clients one of the best mailing platforms on the market. AVH Digital will guide you throughout the setup process and make sure you get preferential rates. AVH Digital can offer accounts to both small and large organisations, irrespective of your send volume. We can either offer a turn key solution, or give you direct access to your account for you to manage your own email communications.

AVH Digital provides some of the top guidance on best practice email and prides themselves in maintaining great relationships with ISP’s, which help ensure that they provide maximum deliverability for all of our clients. Through us, you would have full access to support and deliverability team at a reduced cost, which we achieve through our monthly send volume.

AVH Digital serves a range of industries, including e-commerce businesses, which focus on online marketing, international enterprises and digital agencies. Thanks to the AVH Digital solution, we help customers design and manage effective marketing campaigns with solutions that incorporate the most advanced features, while still being simple to use.

AVH Digital have both mobile web and in app traffic, which can help clients reach global or geo targeted audiences using the widest array of targeting options including device model, location, operator, OS, site categories, and more

In-App Mobile Inventory - AVH Digital provides clients with in app mobile traffic, we have access to over 100,000 applications. We can help clients promote your adverts on these app. We can intelligently target on Devices i,e iOS and Android, we can target locations i.e Nigeria, UK and so on.

Mobile Web Traffic - AVH Digital can provide mobile traffic for your products and services in premium mobile websites. Again we can intelligently target on arrays of options that helps you hit your marketing strategy.

Social Media - As part of our full service portfolio, AVH Digital offers a vast range of Social Media services to help your business reach its target audience on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms.

Video Marketing - AVH Digital offers clients the chance to advertise on video inventory such as youtube, vimeo and so on.

Design - We have a dedicated team that can provide design work you need (Website, Brochure, Flyers and Logos).

SEO - We can assist your business to dominate Google and improve your SEO ranking.

Success Stories

Online Dating

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Mobile Games

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Client - The dating site most recommended by singles.

Brief - To drive new applications via client’s HTML5 website.

Objective - To keep the CPA in line with the overall digital marketing strategy, which is tough as mobile is a very different landscape with very different pricing and conversion metrics.

Challenge - The online dating market is busy with a lot of competition. Our client required new subscriptions via their new HTML5 site keeping within very tight CPA objectives.

Solution - By targeting HTML5 enabled handsets, such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android, used by a target audience identified by the client, with a mixture of standard mobile creative and rich media banner ad, via our network of premium publishers, as well as mixing in traffic from our RTB enabled technology partner, we were able to tap in and expand the consumer experience of this very well-known brand.

Result - In the first 2 weeks of the campaign 13,000 new subscriptions were achieved keeping more than 10% under the overall CPA target.

The campaign was accordingly rebooked and remains an on-going success story with more than 30% of subscriptions delivered through the mobile channel.

Client - The award winning, world’s largest online travel company.

Brief - To dramatically increase installs of the clients new app across multiple platforms.

Objective - Initially given 5 European Geo’s, our client wanted downloads via a strategically selected mixture of incentivised and non-incentivised traffic.

Challenge - The client wanted incremental users and the overall objective was to create engaging users of the app on both iOS & Android devices.

Solution - The media mix consisted of performance networks and CPC campaigns to benefit from low cost per downloads which helped the ranking in the respective application stores.

Geo-targeting was set up to increase CTR’s, whilst behavioural targeting with the mobile operators was introduced to increase conversion.

The incent traffic was driven by a mixture of our own app wall as well as some of our strategic partners who adopt a soft incent route along with user profile targeting, thus delivering low cost but still high quality installs.

Result - an average of 1,762 installs per day were delivered across the 5 geos with an average cost of under £2 per download and over 50,000 generated in the month of the campaign.

Client - The world’s leading Ecommerce Company, enabling hundreds of millions of people to buy, sell and pay online.

Brief - To run a pure mobile CPC campaign across our RTB enabled platform for UK & DE geo’s.

Objective - To drive installs of the client’s app and deliver engaging users.

Challenge - Clients brand already very big so finding new virgin users was always likely to be challenging.

Solution - A significant budget was agreed that would enable the RTB engine to reach full optimisation and deliver the clients ROI.

Result - Both geo’s performed extremely well with the UK seeing >200 installs per day by the end of the optimisation period, but incredibly DE exceeded all expectations and was seeing installs of well over 500 per day and the client was extremely satisfied with the level of on-going engagement with the users we were acquiring to the extent that budget was switched from many other partners the client had been working with to us.

Client - A free game with fierce battles, military bases and wild jungles, vibrant animated graphics, addictive gameplay and opportunities to compete against friends.

Objective - To achieve as many installs as possible during the course of the campaign.

Challenge - Finding engaging users interested in similar games to intelligently target this profile of gamers.

Solution - We targeted HTML5 enabled handsets, such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android, used by males aged 18-35 in gaming and entertainment environments, with a rich media banner ad. After tapping and expanding the ad customers could then discover the features of the game by swiping through a gallery of gameplay images.

Users were then invited to download the game.

The Demand Side Platform tested multiple variables in Real-time including location, connection, vertical and time of day. Ads were then optimised to increase download uplift and engagement and drive down wastage.

Result - The engagement rate was 43% of post download users engaged with the game 3 or more times, which was the strongest engagement the client has so far experienced from any mobile campaign!

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